Thursday, February 2, 2012

notes from session 2

Review Activity A (Quiz in Google Docs)

Quiz Answers:

  1. True - The ITES are to be embedded within all areas of the other curriculum
  2. True - all NC classrooms despite the limitations in  available technology (The ITES must be taught in all NC schools – in places where technology is prevalent as well as in schools with limited technology access.)
  3. ITES will be taught only in computer and technology courses - False
  4. How many strands are there for the ITES - 5 (elementary) and 4 (middle/high)
  5. They are:
    • informational text
    • technology as a tool
    • sources of information
    • safety and ethical issues
Review Activity B (Commenting on Blog Posts on WikiSpaces and Blogger)
Print this commenting rules flyer for blogging project.
Remember to cite sources on these posts!

Activity 1 (VoiceThread) - ITES & Pedagogy
must sign in to use VoiceThread
create a slide and narrate it (like Power Point or Prezi)
users can then comment on the slides

This would be great to use in an individual lesson in the classroom where I would create slides and narrate them.  Then I could ask a question at the end of each slide (opinion and higher-level thinking questions would be great) that the students should respond to at the end of each slide.

Activity 2 (Google Docs) - KWHL
What have I learned?
posted in the KWHL chart: 

I have learned that there are amazing resources available to me that I never knew about!  (This is always nice.)  I have used them a bit and can now implement them into the curriculum I teach in my classroom!  I have (mostly) learned the ITES strands and have a better understanding of how they relate to the CC objectives.

Activity 3 (WikiSpaces Project) - Planning for Implementation